A structured approach to help committed players improve their skills and confidence

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It takes what it takes. Results vary depending how committed you are to the process. You will get out exactly what you put in.
Real change takes time. No shortcuts. 

The age that the player decides they want to be in control of their development. Maturity comes at different stages in life.

That said, we typically focus on players twelve years and older.

You will need your baseball equipment and whatever training equipment you have at your disposal.

If you do not have any you will still be able to complete the course component.


It is highly suggested that you form a support group of individuals that share your interest in learning how to better yourself

Yes, in the Full Package (for $399/month, available here), you also receive:

  • A benchmark Physical Assessment, including the Athletic Capacity Evaluation (ACE) test, valued at $75.
  • A monthly physical assessment, (MasterMoves 4 Life)  $50 value.
  • Full Digital Profile on Global Sports Metrics’ members-only page, a platform for college coaches, scouts and teams looking for top talent world-wide!
  • Customized program for data-driven results, including
    – Mental coaching
    – Physical-muscular endurance
    – Daily athletic performance surveys
    – Activity Log for Accountability
  • Bonus: An initial, personal 1-on-1 Zoom call with Coach Nick Holmes to discuss your goals and game plan of playing at the next level.

If after 90 days of fully committing to the Kaizen Koaching method you do not see any results you will receive a full refund with no questions asked.

Help Yourself & Commit to YOU

REAL CHANGE = (Good Habits – Bad Habits) + Hard Work x Consistency

Kaizen Koaching Hat3
  1. Never wonder what your next workout will be
  2. Plan your journey from start to finish
  3. Coach support is only a click away
  4. Wake up, click your schedule and GO!
  5. Always be one step ahead of your plan
  6. Feel better even on the bad days
  7. Free yourself by being your own coach!

What the Fans Are Saying

"His coaching style, patience and ability to explain, inspire and change has brought our son to another level with his hitting and self-motivation. Thank, Coach Holmes!"

"Nick's authenticity and ability to communicate so well allows him to optimize his ability to teach and relate to his students - one of the true measurements of any great relationship."

Alan Jaeger

Co-Founder, Jaeger Sports

"Nick Holmes is one of the most real coaches I know. He inspires discipline, hard work, integrity and how to play the game the right way."

David Keesee

Professional Coach

Meet Your Coach

Profile picture of Coach Nick Holmes

Hi, I'm Coach Nick Holmes

Creator of Kaizen Koaching and the Remote Evolution Player System (R.E.P.S.)

Facing the world everyday with the right mindset can change our chances of learning everything necessary. At the same time, learning how to create new habits with the right perspective will make our way of interpreting the world change for the better.

Whether you are a player or a coach take charge of your own baseball development and personal growth starting NOW!

In today’s digital world, there are endless numbers of baseball coaches, “hitting gurus,” pitching experts, and mental-toughness programs guaranteeing the quick fix. It is overwhelming to say the least. The hard truth is there is NO QUICK FIX.

How do you sift through all the noise and find some clarity? How do you improve your mechanics, build more muscle, increase your mental toughness, and stay on track to compete at the next level and beyond?

Short answer: Commitment and Accountability. Period.

Take ownership of your development now.

Learn to quiet the noise by turning down the volume and even shutting off channels. 

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Kaizen Koaching is best designed for players between the ages of 13 and 21

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Get the FULL Kaizen Koaching System NOW, at a whopping $100/month off!

Get the FULL Kaizen Koaching System now, including the following extras: Physical assessments and training from a Kaizen Koach, monthly Zoom calls with Coach Nick Holmes, Benchmark Physical Assessments and Testing, full Athletic Capacity Evaluation (ACE), AND a BONUS 1-on-1 Zoom call with Coach Nick Holmes!

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