“There is no way you can do this on your own. You have to meet some guys to help open some doors for you.”      – Pete Caliendo

Pete brings unmatched experience and expertise to the development of baseball skills to players and coaches. His vast knowledge and worldwide presence have earned Pete immeasurable respect within the baseball community. Those who have crossed his path greatly admire his devotion to the game of baseball.

He is currently the President of Caliendo Sports International, a worldwide baseball company that trains individuals, teams, coaches, parent, and deals in professional baseball operations worldwide. Pete’s company takes teams, coaches, players, and parents all over the world to experience international and cultural experience. Training volunteer coaches have been a specialty of Caliendo Sports International for over 35 years.

In addition, Pete also serves as the Vice President of the International Sports Group. They are nonprofit teaching coaches around the world.

He can be reached at the following links and social media handles:


www.baseballoutsidethebox.com Podcast




Pete shares with us in this episode:

  • How his parents came to the U.S. from Italy for a better life
  • The importance of having mentors along your journey
  • His start at the world-famous Mickey Owen Baseball School
  • Believing in the process and having faith in doing the right thing
  • And much. much more


How We Met

I stalked Pete on the internet a couple of years back I was researching international baseball opportunities. I was looking for anyone that had any experience in the area of baseball overseas.

Coaches, trainers, players. Anyone that might be able to connect with and maybe even learn a thing or two. Linked In is where I finally got in touch with Pete and as it turned out, we were both headed to the same place to work an international clinic together.

I was a late addition to the coaching staff of Nanaimo Minor Baseball Association’s Winter Clinic in February of 2016. There was a mutual connection right away as it seems to be the norm as of late. Pete and I knew a lot of the same guys in and around baseball. We both grew up midwest guys and had a lot to talk about.

Over the course of the weekend clinic, Pete and I shared each other’s interest in podcasting and social media along with coaching philosophies and thinking outside the box in today’s tech world. In fact, Pete has a podcast called Baseball Outside the Box which you should check out as soon as you finish listening here.

A year almost to the day that we met and Pete and I have stayed in touch. He plans to retire someday in my old stomping grounds of Costa Rica. Pete is another one of many teachers I have met along the way, and he has a tremendous amount of energy and life for the game.


Love the Game. Live the Dream

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