“We try to train the mind to not necessarily be reactive but  proactive.”    – Hannah Huesman

She grew up a two-sport athlete competing against her younger brother and eventually choosing softball to compete at the college level. Hannah is the second Love the GameLive the Dream guest that was raised in Nashville, TN.

Born to a business owner father and a psychologist mother, Hannah found a calling that merges her upbringing and comes as no surprise. Listen to her passion as she tells us about the trending yet very important role of being a Mental Skills Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies organization.

She talks about the job, the journey and the joy of working in this extremely rare position in sports. Since the recording of this episode, Hannah has married former New York Giant football player and current college coach Jacob Huesman. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

You can connect with Hannah here: 




  • Check out her Instagram show – #Mental Sweat Mondays! A quick 1-minute video of her tips on how and why it is important to check in with your mind as much as your body!

Hannah shares with us in this episode:

  • The role of confidence in athletes (NOT what you think)
  • The growth of mental skills coaches in today’s sports world
  • Challenges parents face and how to help your child athlete
  • Going after things you may not think are attainable
  • And much, much more!


How we met:

The World Wide Web! Shocker!

Yes…it was bound to happen. After scrolling through my Linked In feed I saw Mental Skills Coach Philadelphia Phillies pop up and thought..hmm.

“Now that would be a good conversation.”

I introduced myself to Hannah and invited her to be on the show. She was eager to talk about her field of work and agreed to share all of its coolness with us.

Another great example of how you really just have to ask for people’s help. They want to help and they are happy to do what they can to oblige when asked. I am very excited to have met Hannah and look forward to staying connected so that I can learn even more about this particular side of the game and the business of baseball.

Here is our conversation.


Love the Game. Live the Dream



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