“I look up to my Dad. If we are talking about role models in life. My Pops is #1. It’s not any baseball player.”        – Arden Pabst


In this episode of the show, I introduce you to a young man by the name of Arden Pabst.

Now, Love the Game Live the Dream is about proving that anyone with enough passion and drive can have a career in this sport. You don’t have to be a professional player to do so.

I felt like the show needed to hear from a young guy just starting out on his journey to “living the dream.” So in this episode, we will hear about Arden’s dream to make it to the Major Leagues someday.

He is only in his second full season of pro ball at the age of 22. He was drafted in the 12th round by the Pittsburg Pirates in 2016.  Prior to being drafted Arden played his college ball at Georgia Tech for three years as a catcher.  Before that, he won a state championship at Harvard-Westlake HS in Studio City, CA.

Arden and I discuss a variety of things:

  • He tells us about his recruiting experience as a young high school player
  • How his parents supported his dream.
  • How his love for basketball helped instill his competitive drive in baseball.
  • His advice to young players trying to get noticed by colleges.
  • The difference in his hitting approach now compared to college.
  • And much, much more.



Arden first showed up to one of our baseball camps at Sherman Oaks Baseball Academy around 2002-03 if my memory serves. He was one of those young kids that stood out right away. From his high socks to his Oakley sunglasses and eye black.

He threw better, ran better and hit better than 95% of the kids his age. On top of it all, he was a great kid. He was polite to everyone he met. He had a swagger that wasn’t cocky but exuded confidence.

You could tell his parents raised him to be a gentleman first and an athlete second. He got excellent marks in school and even played the cello. Yes Pabst, as we called him, was the kid every coach wishes they had nine of.

It was a pleasure watching him grow and mature into an excellent hard-nosed, grinder of a ballplayer. After re-connecting with him years down the road it is an even bigger pleasure watching him grow into a man and a future Big Leaguer.

I want to give a huge shout out to his mom Dorothy and his dad Tom for doing an outstanding job of raising and supporting such an incredible young man.


Love the Game. Live the Dream


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