“If it is something that you truly love and you want to pursue – you have to be different and be willing to do more than the next person is willing to do.”      – Alan Jaeger


Alan founded Jaeger Sports on the principle that athletes need to develop both their physical and mental skills in order to be successful in game situations.

As a result of several years of coaching and personal study was Alan’s Mental Training Book, Getting Focused, Staying Focused, and the DVD, Thrive On Throwing, Jaeger Sports’ signature Arm Heath, Strength and Conditioning Throwing Program. Along with Alan’s passion for Yoga, this Book and DVD serve as a driving force behind all of Jaeger Sports’ training programs.

Since 1991 Alan, as a personal trainer and consultant has worked with over 200 professional players. Including 2002 Cy Young Award Winner Barry Zito, and All-Stars Dan Haren and Andrew Bailey. Alan has also consulted with many schools and organizations. The Texas Rangers and the 2004 National Champion Cal State University, Fullerton baseball team.

Jaeger has a teachers training background in Yoga. He is a practitioner of Far Eastern Arts as Zen and Taoism. Alan’s intention is to help athletes merge the “mechanics” of the Western athlete with the “insight” of the Far Eastern mind. These two practices position athletes to best realize their potential on and off the playing field.

Alan shares with us in this episode:

  • How digging under all the rocks will maximize your networking efforts
  • When he worked at TGI Fridays while building his consulting business
  • Overcoming depression during his playing career
  • Patience in building your passion into a way to earn a living
  • And much. much more


How We Met

I first heard of Alan Jaeger through the baseball community in Southern California. I was a young coach looking for answers to helping my players with anything and everything I could sink my teeth into.

As always I was seeking knowledge. Hitting philosophies, pitching mechanics, player evaluation tips, mental training, you name it. Alan agreed to meet me at a restaurant in the San Fernando Valley.

I simply wanted to hear about his long-toss program to help players improve arm strength. When I left that initial meeting I was blown away at how much more this guy had to offer. I loved his “east meets west” philosophy and his overall energy towards helping people. He was not the typical pitching guru that bombards you with facts and opinions on mechanics.

I had to get this guy and his team out to the field to do a clinic with my players. More importantly, I needed to learn what he knew for myself. I have adopted Alan’s philosophies and followed his programs ever since.

Getting together with him for this interview was a must and I am so happy I am able to share this with you.



Love the Game. Live the Dream



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