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I’ve known Nick Holmes for many years, and what is obvious about Nick is the deep PASSION he has for teaching and impacting kids. With Nick’s tremendous experience from coaching all over the world, he is able to bring a great deal of insight and diversity. Nick’s genuineness and ability to communicate so well allow him to optimize his ability to teach and relate to his students — one of the true measurements of any great relationship”
Alan Jaeger
Jaegar Sports - Owner
We wanted more than just random individual sessions, but due to the lockdown we were unsure if we would be able to find any coaching support. It has been everything we were looking for and more, his coaching style patience and ability to explain, inspire, and change has brought our son to another level with his batting. The drills and instruction provided by Coach Holmes have been the building foundations needed to improve and help advance our son to be a self motivated all around player. Thank you Coach Holmes!
Sharlene Macdonald
MOther of Tighe (14yrs)
As a coach, Nick is quick to trade in conventional methods of instruction for a more in-depth breakdown of a player's fundamentals. He's the last person to give up on you even when you've given up on yourself.
Ethan Miller
Former Student
Nick Holmes is one of the most real coaches I know. Over the course of my career I had hundreds of coaches and only three of those hundreds were true baseball knowledgeable coaches that had an impact on my career . Nick Holmes is one of them.
David Keesee
Former Professional Player & Current Coach

Essential P.r.e.p.

Includes a COACH NOW online subscription with weekly Zoom call Analysis check-in and Drill Set to keep you on track in the absence of in-person instruction. (See details below)

Competitive P.R.E.p.

All of the services in the Complete P.R.E.P. plus an additional private lesson per month along with a Core Strength Program and Neutral Mindset Training.

complete P.R.E.P.

All of the services in Essential P.R.E.P. plus two monthly in-person private lessons and baseline Metric Testing from either Blast Motion or Pocket Radar Smart Coach. (See details below)

college p.r.e.p.

Find the Right Fit for college! All services to help navigate the college recruiting process. (See details below)

"The best players always find a way to train no matter what the landscape is like. They adapt and overcome any adversity."
Nick Holmes
Professional Coach & Scout

Start Your Evolution Process NOW!

Every player is starting from a different place. Every player has different needs. Our goal is to get you to the “next dot” in your development progression.

The Player Remote Evolution Program (P.R.E.P.) was designed to

  1. Identify and evaluate your swing or throw.
  2. Determine a baseline of your objective measurables.
  3. Eliminate bad habits and create good habits. 
  4. Create an applicable routine.
  5. Track your results and trends.

Weekly remote check-ins and the option for private one on one sessions makes staying connected easy to fit into your schedule and promotes incentive and motivation for rapid evolution.

*ALL Programs require a 3 month minimum commitment. 

*Discounts available for 6 month and 1 year memberships.

*Please contact Coach Holmes if you have any specific needs that are not included in the programs below.


Starting at


Per Month minimum 3


Starting at


Per MOnth minimum 3


Starting at


Per month Minimum 3

College P.r.e.p.


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Frequently asked questions

You don’t get better in games or team practice. You get better in between. On your own remotely or in person with a coach. Both should be incorporated to achieve the results you want.

 There are three ways, depending on which program you are on, to send and receive video feedback.  1.) Coach Now App 2.) Blast Motion App 3.) Pocket Radar App. 

You do not need an expensive fancy DSLR camera. Any smartphone camera or camcorder will work. A tripod is also highly recommended.

Blast Motion Sensor or Pocket Radar Smart Coach,  are available for purchase at a lower than retail cost. Both pieces of technology are worth the investment if you are serious about getting better.

If you are not ready to purchase..You can borrow mine. ; )

Once you have completed your baseline testing you will return the unit. 

Absolutely. The set up is simple and only takes 2 mins.  After one or two times you will have it down. There is a video that explains the set up step by step.

Put it behind you and keep moving forward. There are no “do overs” it is up to you to stay on track each week with the program that you committed to.

Private lessons are 45 min in duration. They must be booked and/or cancelled within 24 hrs of scheduled time. Lessons are non-transferable and non-refundable.

You will learn how to adopt a “neutral mindset” that allows you to stay in the present moment and focus on the task at hand. Learning how to stay grounded by not getting too high or too low is key to being mentally prepared for an entire game. The habits and lessons learned in this program will prepare you for life a lot more than baseball.

Having at batting tee and a net or sheet hung up to catch the balls is the only thing recommended. You do not need any other special equipment. 

World Baseball Experience

World Baseball Experience